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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Okay, so it was little longer than I thought.

I've slipped into this routine where I go to work, come home, make dinner, play on some Facebook applications whilst watching HLN (CNN's sister station) until some point where the channel changes or the activity changes to something equally as mindless before heading off to bed. Rinse, repeat...

I'm appalled by how lazy I/we have become. I just cannot be bothered to do much. It's not like it's a sinking pit of depression or anything... It's just plain laziness and perhaps something else I haven't been able to put my finger on.

The last weekend in August, we drove down to Banff to meet up with one of my first online friends from the U.S. and her roommate. Aside from an extremely rude B&B owner, the three days were wonderful. We walked, we took pictures, we *did stuff*. It was awesome. We came back refreshed as though we had re-discovered something we had forgotten about. Once upon a time we both used to DO stuff. Like, leave the house and socialize and exercise and all those neat things that come with living beyond your living room.

So, we decided that for the following weekend (Labour Day long weekend), we would do more things and it was going to be wonderful because hadn't we promised this to each other a while back anyway?

Yeah, so we left the house twice last weekend. Once to do a monthly shop at Wal-Mart and the other time to check out elliptical machines at Sears because they were having a sale. All and all not a complete failure of a weekend because we did purchase an elliptical machine but not exactly what we thought the weekend would end up like.

Of course we're waiting for the elliptical machine to arrive - such things apparently have to be ordered. They said the 12th but so far no luck. Hopefully early this week...

Why did we purchase an elliptical machine, you may wonder... Well, we have a gym in the building but wouldn't you know it... It seems whenever I have the urge to work out, I change into my workout clothes, put on my shoes, grab my keys, walk all the way down the hall and around the corner, only to find the gym full of other tenants. What a waste of the urge, I tell you!! I WANT to work out on the elliptical machine in there and I cannot when I feel like it. So... I will no longer have that problem once ours arrives and we put it together.

Yes, yes, I suppose I should start a betting pool as to how long before the elliptical machine turns into a glorified clothes rack, etc., but I'm stubbornly not going to yet. The thing is going to be facing the television for god sakes. I'm optimistic.

As for facing the outside world... gosh, I would love to travel. I have missed that soooooo much it hurts. Unfortunately, I'm in major budget crunch mode as my aggressive loan re-payment schedule + rent+ other stuff = nothing left over. Like, *nothing*. It sucks. Big time. But... no pain, no gain, I suppose. It's tough not having money for fun things and it is a huge contributing factor to our staying in most of the time. Three years really has to speed up... either that or I'll end up caving and re-doing my loan to drag it out longer.

Oh and lastly, Julie has decided she does not want a child. I still want to have a child at some point in the future. Um, yeah... I'm not sure what is going to happen there...