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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blah... birthday rant/complaining/feeling sorry for myself

I suppose the danger to eating a certain way for a long period of time is that when you are forced to revert back to eating something you normally don't, it tastes horrible.

Last Saturday I woke up with a really sore neck and left shoulder. By Tuesday night, I could tell it was really 'out' so to speak. I had wanted to get a chiropractic adjustment on Monday but the chiropractor was sick until Wednesday. So on Wednesday I had no choice but to stay home (combination of not being able to sit for more than five minutes at a time and the fact that I slept for maybe an hour Tuesday night) and when I saw the chiropractor he adjusted the hell out of me and told me there was little chance that I'd be mobile enough to work the following day. True enough, I had to stay home on Thursday because I was still too sore and was practically bedridden. I was feeling the muscles loosen a bit by Thursday evening and so I medicated myself and went to work on Friday (thankfully a co-worker with a new, taller backed chair let me use his for the day - I swear that was a difference between me making it through the work day...). My birthday was yesterday and because Julie and I are eating healthier, I invited the family over to our place for dinner/cake. I had wanted to showcase my new cooking talents but with a really sore back and neck, there isn't a whole heck of a lot a person can really do. We ended up getting hamburger patties and buns and a fruit tray from Costco and I got veggie patties for Julie and I. I called my grandmother and asked if she would bring over some potato salad (she makes the BEST potato salad) and I was determined to make a batch of curried coleslaw (which I would have a picture for if I ever transfer pics off the camera to update my other blog...). Friday night, I medicated and had a beer so my back was as loose as I could get it (which wasn't much but I was determined) and I spent the evening (slowly) making a huge batch of the coleslaw. On Saturday morning, I made the birthday cake and icing and then Julie and I chopped and sliced the veg for the burger toppings. Between chips and crackers and nuts and dips and fruit, I think people filled up before the burgers were ready. I was going to get someone else to cook them on the barbeque but my family was driving me crazy so I went out there to do it. Yeah, cool spring-ish day + slight wind + hamburger patties = major smoke. I'm surprised some of my condo neighbours didn't call the condo Nazis on us... Anyway, people ate the burgers but there was some complaining about various things "Aren't you going to saute the onions with mushrooms? My burger isn't cooked enough... I think I can still see pink. How am I supposed to eat this? (Throw it in the fucking microwave!!)" That same person also made a point of telling both Julie and my sister that she didn't like my coleslaw. Who does that??! Who goes to some one's house for food and tells them that they don't like something they're eating?? Seriously... What kind of person with ANY sort of manners whatsoever would go out of their way to bring it up to two different people. I don't know about you, dear reader, but if I don't like something and I'm a guest in some one's home, I'll either eat it anyway (usually if you're unsure about something you take a small portion of it just in case), or I'll leave it and dispose of it in the trash later if it's something I'm unable to eat. The only way I would ever tell someone that I don't like what they've made is if they asked me directly. Even in that case, I would word it in a much nicer (?) way, like mentioning why I don't like it, (have never liked the texture of ___ or the spice used upsets my stomach or something) so that they know it is my issue and it's not the food. Chances are, if someone is making a dish for a party, they've made it before and they're making it because other people have said they like it, especially the people who live with them.

Anyway, the cake went over really well. It was a two layer vanilla cake with a whipped cream & cream cheese frosting. Between the two layers I also had strawberries with the frosting and then I spooned strawberries on top of each piece when it was served. They couldn't believe it was all organic (except for the Cadburry micro eggs I sprinkled on top) and although some grumbled about the size of the pieces (I cut them a bit too big, I admit) EVERYONE cleaned their plate.

Anyway... When everyone was leaving, my dad gave me a hug and he forgot my back was really sore and he squeezed too hard. All the chiropractic work and icing and resting that I did all week was undone in a second and I've spent ever since in absolute agony trying to find a comfortable position to rest in somehow. Julie is out shopping right now so when I woke up from my nap and was starving, I had limited options for food. I can't really lift anything and most of the dishes are dirty from yesterday (and I can't bend down to get any out of the dishwasher) so all I could reach/lift was a hamburger bun, a leftover patty and some of the veggies to dress the burger with. YUCK. I ate it an hour ago and I still feel gross. Processed meat and the processed cheese that was on it and the processed hamburger bun... I honestly didn't think it was going to taste bad. You know, seeing as how I lived over 30 years eating that kind of stuff... Oh well. I guess that's the downside to eating healthier... When you're crippled and have nobody to cook something for you, anyway.

Oww... back is spasming again. Time to go and lay flat on my back again. :(