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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My day off

Finally, a day off....

My day off has so far consisted of waking up at 7 am without the aid of an alarm clock (figures... can't sleep in even when I want to), witnessing Julie's morning routine, drinking three cups of coffee while I debate getting dressed... getting dressed and then going to The Mall (as in the one all the tourists go to) because there's only one Sketchers store in the city and unfortunately it's there. Luckily, it's located right across from the brand new Bath & Bodyworks that opened last Monday, so I checked that out as well. I didn't buy anything from there though because even on a Tuesday morning, the line up was practically to the door. I didn't buy anything at the Sketchers store either because this year, apparently the fashion is to wear a ballerina slipper for shoes. Every damn pair looks minimalist in some way and takes after a ugly ballerina slipper. WTF?! Where the hell are the normal shoes?! They're on the guys side of the store. Hell, I would have taken a fancier shoe if it looked normal... I LOVE Sketchers shoes, but not this year. This year all of their women's shoe styles SUCK. I wandered around the mall for another half hour, saw some awesome looking (but outrageously expensive) shirts and blouses in Eddie Bauer that I wish I had hundreds of dollars to afford, flipped through pregnancy books at Chapters and then looked at my watch to see what time it was and saw my battery had died. Amazingly enough (well, not really, considering where I was) there was a watch store directly across from the Chapters entrance when I was leaving. I handed over my watch to get a new battery and tried on some sunglasses while I waited. I've gone about two months without sunglasses because I left my old ones on my dash on a boiling hot day in August and they warped and peeled. I can't just get any kind of sunglasses because of my crooked and still-tender nose so it takes a while to find a plastic pair (can't have nose pieces, they hurt too much) that are light enough and wide enough in the nose area to not hurt or look crooked. Luckily I found such a pair today at the watch place.

My next stop was the Rogers Wireless store because I want to lower my 'wireless essentials' package to a cheaper one. When I was dating my ex-girlfriend, we text messaged daily so I had to bump up my package to include 2500 text messages a month. Since we broke up last year, I maybe text message 10 times a month, so the bottom level essentials package would more than cover my needs. Anyway, I went into the store and asked to lower it. They told me they are not allowed to lower packages in-store, only up them. WTF?! So, I have to call them to get it done. What a frickin' scam. They're hoping I forget to call or am too lazy (which lets face it, I probably am).

After that I left the mall, went to three shoe stores in vain and then gave up and went to London drugs where I picked up my prescription and bought some gel insoles for my shoes. If I can't replace them, I guess new insoles are going to have to do. Now I'm at home back in my pyjamas, sipping decaf coffee and waiting for my girl to come home from work.

We have a new evening routine these days, or I should say a new television watching schedule. I'm not one for watching television regularly but somehow we've gotten into the habit of watching FANatical and then Law & Order SVU each night. We also watch Criminal Minds and Flashpoint which are both really good. I can never remember which night they're on but Julie mans the TV Guide so she keeps track. Last night we watched the two hour season premiere of Heroes last night. A co-worker of mine gave me season one and two to watch about a month ago and we blew through season one in a weekend but season two we've only managed one episode because we've been busy doing other things. We were able to follow along well enough last night but I'll definitely be watching season two to catch up.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Just another day

I'm tired. I'm feeling the strain of working too much this month. I'm working 20 hrs this weekend but am definitely going to take Tuesday off. And then the Saturday as well. I can't wait to get some extra sleep. I've had a hard time sleeping lately because my left shoulder is buggered up somehow causing shooting pain down my arm when I move it a certain way. It's feeling a little better this week with chiropractor and massage therapy and some icing and heat. I'm getting about five hours of quality sleep this week but am still tired because of the lack of it last weekend.

Work is really dragging me down lately. I've resorted to reading dozens of Dilbert cartoons daily as I now find they parallel my day-to-day office experiences. Some of them make me laugh out loud - those I share with a few select co-workers so they can laugh too. Julie has been sending strips via e-mail as well to cheer me up and today I signed up at the website for daily e-mail featuring either a daily comic or a 'favourite'. The other night we went to a used book store to trade in some of Julie's books and she bought me a Dilbert book which I've already read through. I think I'll keep my eye out for another used book. It's amazing how a comic making fun of an office setting can act as therapy... good therapy at that!

Today I'm grateful for:

* My wonderful girlfriend
* Our four year plan
* My car
* Therapy in all it's forms
* My friends
* My grandmother's homemade pickles
* "Badness" as Julie calls our junk food binges
* Finding new shows to get into
* Some co-workers finally getting it, so to speak

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh my goodness...

So, yesterday, we're at a used book store and suddenly Julie comes up to me in a hushed panic:



"Look down! Look down!"


"At my feet!"


Julie had one dark coloured flat shoe on and one light coloured much higher heeled shoe on. BAHAHAHAHAHA...... when asked how walking out of the apartment in shoes of two different heights (never mind colours) could have possibly happened, she said, "Well, I thought that it was just something wrong with my leg." BAHAHAHAHA.... god, I love this woman.

Friday, September 12, 2008

What Would Larua Ingalls Wilder Do?

I can not believe my bff (best FOE forever???) and gf would post such a terrible picture of me (see below), but then, her true love as we now all know, is her Toyota. I could have a beard in that picture and Missy Car-Owner wouldn't notice ;). We shall forgive her. I am wearing no make up and look as though I have swallowed a small calf. Heaven knows how this got passed the censor....

My forgiveness decreed, Missy Car-Owner has not forgiven me, for negating the posting of Poor Person's Soup on the blog. I did, in my defence, send it to Stacey who asked for it...however, I shall whip through it here for no one at all, to be good with with the Goddess of New Cars:

Cup or three of lentils, cup or three of water
Big can of diced tomatoes
Big can of chick peas
Big can of mushrooms (less poor use REAL mushrooms....IMAGINE THAT?!?)
Big can of erm...oh yes, baked beans (or just any ole beans)
Onions (I cut em and freeze em and then throw in a handful)
Garlic (powdered for poor, the real deal if cah-chinging)
Herbs (Italian bits like basil and stuff)

errrr.....oh maybe tomato paste....and then loads of frozen veg (or the real 'just grew it meself' varieties for those with gardens or nice relatives that always send them away with summat fresh)

Potatoes all diced nicely and thrown in for good measure . . .

...throw it all together - stir it for the rest of your life (the lentils stick to the bottom and burn if not)...add water when it gets dead thick....keep stirring but keep it thick - cos it's nice...

blah blah blah. Poor Person's Soup. The End. Freeze it and it keeps forever. Costs next to nothing and lasts for over a week. Now it is THE END. The soup makes you say things like, "Oooh a lovely winter soup"...whereby you have that image of yourself at the Little House on the Prairie table with the wood burner flaming away in the background, looking at your siblings whom you share a bed with (all 15 of them)...it's a warm, hearty family feeling with a storm beating down outside and Michael Landon just being Bonanza and fatherly and protecting....the reality? The reality is you, by yourself in a fluorescent lighted kitchen, having not made it to the dining table you bought for way too much but have NEVER used, eating out of your chipped Ikea bowl while you opening bills and absent minded ya half watching a dog being rescued on the local news, all the while mentally prepping a Safeway shopping list...(because, Jeeeeeus, who the feck used all the milk???) . . . Ms. Ingalls Wilder in the Millennium -it ain't what it used to be Miss Laura, it ain't what it used to be.

Hopefully I am now all squared up with the person upstairs (and on the lap top next to me)....posting afore listed soup was my act of contrition...hopefully she will now remove that gawd awful picture....my publicist usually censors such things but was clearly drunk that day. I will give them a pink slip in the morning.

Lady of the Car thinks I should post summat enlightening about the differences between England and Canada. I shall.

To be continued . . .

X-Files and lesbian stuff

Julie and I started watching season 9 of The X-Files and now I'm hopelessly addicted once again to X-Files fic online. This time around though it isn't Mulder/Scully fic that I'm reading... it's Scully/Reyes. I heart Special Agent Monica Reyes.

Today I worked my 12th day in a row and was glad when 4 pm rolled around. I drove home and picked up Julie and we went to Ikea for dinner and then to pick up two bookcases. It took us forever to get there and I told Julie that we are NEVER going shopping during rush hour ever again.

After Ikea, we went to Old Navy where I picked up a few pairs of pants because 99% of my pants are tight due to weight gain... or rather inch gain. My damn middle section is now gaining inches. :( We went to another couple of stores and picked up a few shirts - I got one and Julie got four. There's our spending for the rest of the month!

Now we've settled in and we're watching the series finale of The X-Files. God, Chris Carter really screwed this show up royally. If only he could write a story arc like Joss Whedon...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Everybody's working for the weekend...

Well, I am anyway...

I'm on day 5/12 days straight... next weekend I have off so I can attend the Elton John concert on the 13th. The busy season at work has now gotten underway so stress is sky high in my department. The other departments haven't felt it yet, but they will soon.

I finally registered my new car today as well as changed the address on my driver's license (from two moves ago). I feel very accomplished. The first loan payment came out today also, so the fact that it's really mine has also sunk in now. ;)

I stopped off at the liquor store on my way home from work and picked up a 1/2 case of beer. After the week I've already had, I feel like I just want to chill tonight and relax in that drowsy way alcohol allows. Julie is making dinner of broiled fish and potatoes and salad...mmmmm... I love my girlfriend.

Tonight we're going to watch some British comedy show that one of our lovely gay boys downstairs bought Julie as a thank you gift for finding him a summer job. It's called Sensitive Skin and all I know is that it has Anthony Stewart Head in it (Giles from Buffy).

Monday, September 1, 2008

Mozilla Firefox

I've had it with Internet Explorer lately. Just when I'm in the middle of something it decides it has an error needs to shut down. Grrrr... The hell with it, I'm not using it anymore. I downloaded the Mozilla Firefox browser and so far I really like it. Let's hope I keep liking it...