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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The new des-les-res....a lady writes:

Ah, the desirable, lesbian residence...it's $400 extra a month missy!  And my what she negates to mention....the sauna, the theatre, the steam room, the on site guest rooms, the underground heated parking, the car wash, erm...the gym which is two doors down from us (therefore can not possibly be used unless we have to fold our laundry somewhere)....

It is then with great horror that I sat watching commercials last night (I was unemployed this week you see, it comes with the territory)...and lo and behold...

SCENE:  Two old ladies sitting in high backed chairs reading
NARRATOR:  Experience our theatre
SCENE:  A REALLY old chap stooped over being held up by a pool cue and the pool table
NARRATOR:  Enjoy our ample sized games rooms
SCENE:  Lots of even older people (some possibly dead?) gnashing on supper
NARRATOR: Indulge in the delights of....
SCENE:  Pans out....

ME:  Our EXPLETIVE condo?!?!?!

Yes people, it appears Sherwood Park hosts both young and old.  To be fair this is not our condo more over something similar for the older peeps done the road.  Still...

I shall look for the bath rails aside the bath next we are there.

It's all terribly exciting of course.  We will have a DOUBLE kitchen sink...the microwave comes with the place and all is sleek and black behind the breakfast bar...

Gone will be the days of slumming it student style (though gosh I am brilliant at it and I shall miss it ever so).

My new post and new abode are both so sleek it is though my life just transformed into 2023.  I kid not.  Slumming it in two years will be me not being able to tele-port home or something...the bar has been raised exponentially...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Home is where the computer is

Julie has found a job in Sherwood Park so seeing as how both of us are working out there now, we decided to go apartment hunting in that area. We found a lovely ground floor condo for rent that is near our both our jobs as well as a great fitness complex, retail, etc. It's $300 more per month but we have 100 more square feet, all new appliances, IN SUITE LAUNDRY, underground parking, way more storage space and a bunch of other cool things. I'm so excited about being able to do laundry whenever I want without having to find $4.50 in loonies and quarters. I'm also excited about having a working dishwasher and stove. Wow. And the bathroom is HUGE compared to the postage stamp sized one we have now. Oh, oh, and a bathtub that isn't rusty and uneven on the bottom. Awesome. :)

We move in on March 28.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Le Chateau... not just for the young folk

We were searching all over for a skirt suit for Julie on the weekend and had nearly lost hope when I decided to look in Le Chateau. Normally neither of us go into places like that (i.e. Bootlegger, Stitches, whatever those other places are called) because they are geared towards teenagers and mayyybe early to mid-20 women with a size 0-12 body. Julie fits the body size but has a much more elegant/professional style (basically it is startling to see her wear a t-shirt once or twice per month). Anyway, we went in LC and found skirt suits and pant suits that not only existed but were on sale! We got Julie one skirt suit and pants to match for only $120. Everywhere else we looked, the suit blazer alone was $130. Freakin' hell... how the hell do people afford to wear non-casual professional clothing at work??

Monday, February 16, 2009

They get younger and younger...

Well, at least they're going to stay in school. I need to tease Julie about this as it comes from the Motherland...

13 and 15 year old parents

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Julie News Network (JNN)

Ah, the trials and trib's of an English broad abroad.  Having walked away from my job at a mental health non-profit organization (due to the mental health issues it was giving me).  I found a great sense of freedom for the first few hours, staring at the wall, looking at the books I could read.   It has been a long week.  I have managed to pick up a two month assignment that pays terribly but will be a nice seg-way back into the 'normal pace' of the workforce.  

In other news, I am excited about New Brunswick.  Last night I was literally crawling out of my skin with itchy feet (terrible imagery and metaphors there - forgive me)...I am yearning to move again...5 years here is far too long...however, Jennifer is here.  So therein was my dilemma.  I realised with her calming words and her patience that it's all about the antsyness of what has happened and since my Russian mob gig ended, I have not really been myself.  I do ache to be watching the twins grow up I must confess but I think once I am back on my feet I know I will be back to my old self somewhat.   I do need a shift in something but I know that the only thing that must shift is my cognitive processing of everything.  As a great advocate of cognitive behavioral therapy I know I should be practicing what I preach.

So there you have it.  Not the most thrilling of posts by yours truly but a post nonetheless (done with a splitting headache which may have to do with the abundance of muffins I have been inhaling since Jenn embarked on some baking, bless her!).  It could also have to do with Jennifer and I highlighting my hair this evening . . . it was quite lovely - we were like 18th century ladies who sew, read ( and er stuff) in the drawing room of some manor (think Jane Austen with lesbians)...except we were doing my hair with a $15 frosting kit and watching old episodes of CSI..oh how times of being a lady have changed.

Until soon - J

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Jobs and such

Julie has spent the weekend applying for various jobs both in the city and in the suburb I work in. We've had several discussions lately about possibly moving out to that suburb and we're leaning towards doing so if Julie gets a job out there. I mean, obviously it wouldn't be practical for her to commute into the city every day. On the other hand, we both like living in the city... not like there is anything lacking where we'd want to move - everything is available and new, etc. And as we discussed last night, it's not like we go out and do a ton of stuff here in the city. We just like the area and like knowing that we could go out and it'd be right there. Yeah, that's kind of dumb...

Anyway, after discussing it with many people including Julie's parents, my mom, our friends, Julie feels she is making the right decision in resigning from her job. She's feeling a bit better about it now although I think what helps the most are the jobs she's applied for in the past three days, knowing there are some irons in the fire so to speak.

Last night I went to Blockbuster to pick up some movies to help Julie take her mind off of things - I picked up Muriel's Wedding, The Emerald Forrest, and The BTK Killer. Julie suggested the first one because of all the ABBA in it and it looked promising but gosh, it was pretty sad and not really as feel good and funny as I expected although it did have its moments. I rented the second one because I remembered watching it as a child but couldn't really remember what it was about. It was okay... a little long towards the end. The last one Julie said she couldn't even get two minutes in to. She fast-forwarded through the first bit to see if it would be watchable but said it was horrible. Oh well, that's the selection you have when you go to Blockbuster at 8:30 pm on a Saturday night.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Breaking News - Julie Wants To Quit Her Job!

No, really.

She's had enough of her Miranda Priestly type boss. The poor girl is putting in 40+ hrs per week (a lot of it work brought home as well) when she's only being paid for 28. Her boss tells her she can't work so much and yet will not stop piling more stuff on her already overfilled plate. I think she/we finally understand why no one in that position has lasted more than a few months and why other people in the company are up and quitting on a weekly basis (not even giving notice... just up and abandoning ship).

She has an appointment with a temp agency tomorrow morning. Hopefully they can find her something decent quick. As much as it will suck to be plunged into more debt (when we haven't even fully recovered from a few months ago), I fully support her decision on this. Her well being is way more important than the money. She is absolutely miserable about this - And this is a girl who is always upbeat (okay, maybe not those couple of days per month when hormones take over, but you know what I'm sayin'...) and loves a challenge and is a VERY hard worker. For her to be defeated like this... that woman must be one hell of a piece of work.

I've asked Julie to blog about it in the next week or so if she's up to it...

Sunday, February 1, 2009


So, I guess I've missed out on some good music in my time - I don't think I really started listening to music until I was in Jr. High or somewhere around there. Julie, on the other hand, has listened to music her whole life and knows pretty much every song we hear. A great love of hers is ABBA. Me? I know only their most popular songs... and by know I mean I recognize them but do not know the lyrics beyond the chorus. I have been wanting to watch Mamma Mia for a while now but Julie has not wanted to see it. Being as wonderful as she is though, she picked up a copy from Blockbuster on Friday for me to watch. I loved it! I watched it last night and again this afternoon after which Julie put in her ABBA DVD and gave me a proper ABBA education as she called it. Their videos are HILARIOUS. Wow. I think it's the combination of the outfits and their overuse of close-up and side profile shots. Hee... quite amusing.