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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sleeping and that thing called 'Relaxing'...

Every evening, it seems whenever I look at the clock, it's always past 9 pm. A few years ago, I used to struggle to stay awake until 9 pm but now it's rare to be in bed by that time. I spend all day at work, constantly on the go with projects and whatnot and then I come home and read and research stuff online for fun or read newspapers, books or magazines, or play a video game or computer game. If I visit my girlfriend during the week, we usually watch TV or a movie. I don't watch TV at home... I find I don't have the attention span for a half hour show when the evening is so short to begin with. Then, before I know it, it's past time to go to sleep and I feel like I've spent no time relaxing.

I suppose reading or watching TV could be called 'relaxing', but I disagree. Those activities still contribute to mental exhaustion, in my opinion. So... what activities can a person do to actually 'relax'? Sleep is an obvious answer. Day dreaming could be another good one, unless thinking of stressful things like debt or work, etc. Walking perhaps? A soak in the tub? I've heard good things about yoga as well. I need to think of some others and actually do them.

Today I'm grateful for:

* One delayed project finally finished at work
* My weekend getaway booked in March
* The guy driving slowly in front of me that I wasn't able to pass and therefore didn't get caught in the speed trap the cops had just over the hill. The speed limit is 80 but everyone does 100 there... which is why there was about ten cars pulled over on the side.
* Tim Horton's coffee

Monday, February 26, 2007

More [blank] than I know what to do with...

People use that phrase, "More [blank] than I know what to do with." quite often. I don't think I had ever used it until this month. [Edited]

I turn 29 in March. My twenties have felt 100 years long and yet I feel that I've wasted those years by not really moving forward in my life. I should have stayed in University. I guess I should have done a lot of things. Then I tell myself some of the things I have right now and people I know wouldn't be in my life if I had done any of the things I 'should' have. I do believe that most things happen for a reason though. Something good comes out of all bad situations. Sometimes it just takes a while to figure out what it or they are. I do see a lot of good things in my life right now...the trick is to remind myself of them on a daily basis.

Today I'm grateful for:

* My girlfriend
* My best friend
* The fact that I haven't caught the flu/cold going around right now