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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Here comes the snow...

I knew it had to come sooner or later but it still sucks to wake up to snow all over the ground.  On Thursday and Friday it was drizzling on and off so I knew we were either going to wake up to a skating rink or snow.  I think we ended up with a mixture because I almost wiped out in the parking lot at the bank this afternoon.  Time to dig out the winter boots, I guess.

Today we went and found some storage place for our furniture, books, kitchen stuff, etc. for the next 9-12 months.  We don't have a ton of stuff so the 10 x 15 space we got will be more than enough.  I wanted enough space so things wouldn't be ridiculously crammed together in case we needed to access something in a box or something because it never fails, you pack something thinking you absolutely will not need it and then two weeks later you're climbing over chairs and tables looking for it.

While we were signing the paperwork for the storage unit, we were treated to Christmas music over the radio.  I'm not sure which radio station is playing Christmas music already but come on... really?  On the 12th of November?  No wonder people are sick of the holiday season by mid-December.  And now that I've thought back to this and typed it out, I have Last Christmas by Wham! in my head again.  Ugh... 

Update on the baby daddy donor saga - We are having potential donor and his partner over next Saturday evening for a face-to-face meeting.  I'm not normally nervous about meeting people but I am definitely nervous about this.  I think I'm mostly nervous about it because the donor is a minister and his partner is in the same field.  That and they have about six or seven degrees between the two of them.  I'm sure it'll be fine.  If it isn't, we'll find someone else.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Next Steps

We have decided to swallow our pride and make a move not everyone is fortunate to have available... move in with my parents for 9-12 months and save money like crazy.

We are currently saving for a down payment on a house of some sort but the saving progress is slow due to us already paying $1300 in rent a month plus utilities.  If we want to expedite our goals a bit (especially the baby one) we have to move out of our adult-only condo and into some place that allows children but if we do that, we get no closer to our other goal, to own a place of our own.  The solution for now - move in with mom and dad, pay less rent and as my mom put it 'sock away money!'.

Now of course this plan has its downside... Having to handle family on a daily basis in a crowded home with a dog and a cat and noise and further away from work.  Not to mention less freedom and space.  That will be a big adjustment.  But the upside is huge - the chance to save a down payment, pay down some other debt while probably trying for a baby is too good to pass up.

I guess in this day in age, it's not completely shameful to move back in with mom and dad.  At least I hope it's not.  Sigh...

Now, regarding the whole baby donor thing...

We both feel that we want the (free) donor to be someone who wants to be known as the father but not be involved in the capacity of a parent.  I want a child who knows she or he has a father named ____ and he lives ____ with ____ and the child can make father's day cards or get a call or visit on special occasions or the odd Sunday.  We know children who have this type of 'donor' and it has worked out wonderfully.  I know there is the odd horror story out there about arrangements like this turning ugly but sometimes you just have to have faith, I suppose.

There is a front runner right now that we are exchanging messages and pictures with and I think it might actually work out.  We'll see how a face-to-face meeting goes... That'll probably happen in the next couple of weeks.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


To say I've been busy during the transition at work would be an understatement.  My computer time has been greatly reduced and if not for my iPhone I would probably not have kept up on anything in the past five months.

Last month Jules and I took a six day vacation to Victoria to get away from long hours and and de-stress a bit.  It was one of the most perfect vacations ever... like a honeymoon actually.  Perhaps it was fitting then that we got engaged while we were there.

No, there isn't a great tale on how we got engaged.  It was a moment typical of the two of us in the middle of a crowd in a nonchalant way that I will remember for the rest of my life.

So, the other week we were both at the doctor's office getting prescription refills and whatnot and we decided to go in together since we see the same doctor and our appointments were only 10 min apart.  We mentioned at some point that we were looking at  trying for a child in the next couple of years.  The doctor was pretty blunt when she basically said, 'Well, you better figure that out soon because you'll be 34 next year and your fertility rate starts dropping at that point' etc., etc... Which kind of knocked us both out of our 'we'll figure it out one of these days' mentality.  Jules signed us up on a website to find a local donor and we've been trading messages with some really nice guys.  We'll see what happens... When it comes to family/life planning a person could probably plan for their entire life and never be entirely ready for everything. :)