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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our baby... now in 3D

Our baby girl this afternoon at 26w1d... As I suspected, she's still got enough room in there to do complete somersaults which she demonstrated twice while we were watching.  Her current likes are her hands, playing with her feet, sucking her thumb, somersaults, intricate twisting moves, sitting on my bladder and burrowing her head up in my ribs.

"Noooo... I'm shy... No photos!"

"Well, okay, I'll stop moving long enough for a picture."

"Hm... If I use mommy's bladder as a springboard, I could probably do a complete backflip..."

"Okay, that's enough.  No more pictures!  I have a nap scheduled."

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

100 Days

According to the ticker at the top, I have approximately 100 days left with this pregnancy.  That seems like a lot of time and yet not that much time.  It depends on the day, I suppose.  Friday to Monday I felt so awesome and got some decent sleep (meaning at least 15 min per side before having to roll on my back to get feeling back in my arms) and then last night and today have been awful pain and nausea-wise.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.  I finally booked an appointment for a massage so Friday afternoon is going to hopefully be VERY nice.

I was told to go for the gestational diabetic screen test sometime after Thursday.  The form says I need to fast for 3-4 hours before I go do it.  I looked online and some doctors say fast, some don't.  I'm wondering if I should just go first thing in the morning... or is that too much of a fast?  

Saturday we have our 3D ultrasound booked.  So excited to see what the baby looks like.  Hopefully all goes well. :)

I've been absolutely terrible at documenting my growing belly thus far.  Aside from my wedding photos, this is the only belly shot I have and only because someone nagged me to take it.

25 Week Belly Shot