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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ramble of the hell that was this week

It is hot here this weekend.  Not Eastern Canada/US super hot (thank god) but way too hot for this pregnant Albertan.
The hot weather is going to last about a week and a half before cooling back down to the low-mid 20's. This is when I miss the temp controlled condo apartment we moved from last fall. We currently have a small AC unit in the bedroom but it doesn't reach anywhere beyond that. Thankfully Jules has become a master at hanging blackout curtains and having fans circulating air in other rooms so it's not a too horrible 27 C on the main floor.

Our weekend has been filled with garage saling (Jules and her co-worker) and shopping for odds and ends needed around the home. Jules rocked the sales in the neighbourhood and picked up a stroller, a playpen, and a high chair, all in fantastic condition. She also got a couple more toys, a bottle/nipple sterilizer thing for the microwave and some more 0-6m baby clothing (a lady gave her a whole blue bag full of stuff for $5). A wonderful co-worker of Jules is lending us a crib and a rocking chair and another one of her co-workers is giving us some kind of swing. So we're close to having everything we need furniture-wise. I think the only thing we might really need for furniture is a change table for the baby's room (or a dresser high enough to use as one). I think we might ask a set of grandparents for help on that item.

The other items we need such as more clothing, receiving blankets, cloths, misc. baby care stuff can wait until months from now. I think one of Jules' co-workers is also giving us a ton of cloth diapers as well so depending on how those look or how many there are we may need to supplement. Regardless, I don't want to deal with those things now. Honestly, if it weren't for Jules getting into gear on this, nothing would be purchased/gathered yet. I would probably wait until near the end of the second trimester when I felt even more secure that little bean was going to stick with us for the long haul. Then again, if we waited that long, I wouldn't have the benefit of looking over at the things we have now and feeling a little excited like this is actually real.

Why is that so important to feel excited about this right now?

Oh my god... This has been THE WORST WEEK OF PREGNANCY YET.

Thankfully today I'm back to how I felt at the end of June, still slightly nauseated most of the time but able to eat small meals of certain food but when I woke up last Sunday, I wanted to die the morning sickness was so bad. On Monday I woke up not too bad so we had a small outing to a lake an hour outside of the city but by that night I was in the bathroom most of the night and my system decided to evacuate everything repeatedly in every fashion (sorry if TMI...). The next morning was HELL because I was told to drink a litre of water before the ultrasound. Drinking more than a sip of water on an achy stomach was torture. The ultrasound itself was quite painful on my aching abdomen and full bladder but it was worth it to see the little bean jumping around.

I managed to eat half a breakfast sandwich from Tim Hortons after the ultrasound and felt not too bad when I went to work at 11 am. Then at noon Jules' co-worker called me to say Jules was in severe pain and needed to go to the hospital. I rushed over to her work and saw her rolling on the floor writhing in pain, her body so sweaty her hair was soaking wet. She kept yelling out in pain as she clutched her abdomen. I asked them to call for an ambulance and thankfully they arrived 10-15 min later and started looking after her. I rode in the front of the ambulance as we went to the hospital and it sounded like she was getting the crap beat out of her in the back the way she kept yelling and moaning in pain. I should mention that Jules has a high pain tolerance so this was quite scary. They had started giving her morphine before we had left her place of work but it took several more doses before she could settle down enough to not be yelling out in pain.

Fast forward about five hours, more drugs and several tests later, she was released feeling fine and we went home (much thanks to my mom for driving an hour round trip to pick us up in the pouring rain). She had an ultrasound on Thursday and the doctor says they cannot figure out what was wrong with her. We had thought it might be gallstones but they couldn't find any of those. Oh well, she's fine now but damn that day was scary!

So, I think it was the fear of Jules being rushed to hospital that kept my sickness in check that day because on Wednesday I woke up super sick and threw up twice before work. I tried to be brave and stick it out at work but by 10 am I had to call Jules to pick me up and take me home. Oh my god, Wednesday was one of the worst days of my life. I think the only worse day I've ever had is Christmas Eve 2006 when my then girlfriend and I got Norovirus. But it was pretty much the same thing that happened... again, TMI... but there's nothing like rushing into the bathroom and picking up the waste basket on the way. By that evening I was gingerly sipping on pedialyte and nibbling on soda crackers crying my eyes out because I felt so miserable. I stayed home in bed the next day because although I was finally not running to the bathroom anymore, I was weak and exhausted and my middle was so sore from heaving/cramping.

Finally on Friday I was able to put in a solid day at work. I was still nibbling on soda crackers and drinking Gatorade and feeling like utter garbage but I was alive! Since then each day has been better and today I'm actually eating some vegetables. In the past couple months I haven't been able to eat vegetables too often so when I do, I tend to look down at my abdomen and say, 'And this is what vegetables are, baby'. Today I was able to keep my prenatal vitamin down so that was another small victory. I've given up on feeling bad about not being able to keep my vitamins down most days. After this week, I consider a successful day being able to stay hydrated and eating at least something without vomiting everything up.

Hey, on the upside, I didn't gain any weight in the first trimester. To think I was worried about that when I first found out I was pregnant...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Now it's worth it

So, last night as I was throwing up for the fourth time before bed, I was thinking, 'I better see a #%^*ing heartbeat tomorrow!'

And we did!!

It was absolutely amazing to see the little bean in there kicking and hiccuping and back flipping around.  Jules saw more than I did but as soon as the technician turned the screen towards me, he or she threw up a hand like, 'Sup, moms...

So, now when I'm sitting here feeling icky I can look at this picture and remember seeing all the movement and I feel I can maybe get through it a little better. :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

This weekend's highlights:

  • Checked out garage sales on Saturday - Picked up a dozen onesies/sleepers, a baby carrier and some toys for $20
  • Told my grandparents I'm pregnant on Saturday.  I expect the entire family on my mother's side knew the moment my grandmother got home. :)
  • Subdued Canada Day on the account of horrible morning sickness.
  • Visited a lake in Alberta an hour outside of the city this afternoon and waded in the WARM water.  Turns out there are lots of lakes in Alberta.  I really need to get out more...
First ultrasound tomorrow... hopefully there's a heartbeat!  It would definitely make the lingering morning sickness and general ickyness worth while!