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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Alright, so I'm the worst at updating. Probably because my life is pretty boring...

In the past couple of months, Jules and I have started to address the issue of finding a donor in order to get this baby plan in motion. It's too expensive for us to buy sperm so we've been looking at our list of guy friends to see if any would be a) suitable and b) willing to be a donor. Finding someone who would be willing to father a child and be known as 'dad' to the child but not be super involved in our lives. Piece of cake, right? (This is another moment where I ask the homophobes out there, why the hell would anyone CHOOSE to be a homosexual and make their lives this hard...)

Anyway, there may be a potential person for this endeavour of ours. Hopefully in a few weeks we'll know for sure. :)

As for other things, we're still eating quite healthy and exercising. Jules is doing better than I am and has lost about two pants sizes. I was doing amazing until I had a business trip at the end of April and was forced off the wagon. Oh my god is it hard to get back to exercising (and eating 100% healthy). I'm still losing weight/inches but it's slower going because I have the occasional slip-up and haven't found the exercise groove I had before I went away for that week. Oh well, clearly the key is not giving up, which I haven't and that's why I'm still seeing some results. :)