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Friday, February 24, 2012

Practice and other things

So, today we had two significant appointments.  The first was to Jules' doctor to find out more about what's going on around her ovaries.  I suppose I should back up a moment and fill in some of this story.  Basically, she's had what she thought was a running injury since last August.  An X-Ray, bone density scan and physical therapy did and/or showed nothing helpful so at the end of January she had an MRI for her left hip.  When the doctor called her in for the results, she started with 'Well, there's nothing abnormal showing in your hip area, but you have a tennis ball sized mass on your left ovary.'  Okay, talk about being stunned.  So, on Tuesday she went for an ultrasound and then went in to see the doctor this afternoon to find out the results.  The ultrasound showed a grapefruit sized dermoid cyst on her right ovary as well.  Lovely.  So, aside from causing her discomfort, they shouldn't be life threatening or anything but regardless, we're a little nervous about it.  She's being referred to a specialist and will require surgery to remove them.  There's never anything wrong with her so this will be her first surgery.  After being by my side for four of them in the past five years (one to repair my shattered nose/sinus after being hit in the face with a puck at a hockey game and three on my index finger) this will be a change.

So, once we left that appointment, we headed over to our wonderful sperm donor's place to take part in a 'practice run'.  All in all, it went very well with only minimal embarrassment on the part of the donor and Jules in regards to the sperm exchange.  I'm really glad we did a practice run because we will have everything perfectly arranged for next month when we really get into trying on my most fertile dates.  There's still a chance I can get pregnant from this practice run (his sperm motility test was well above average after all) but I'm definitely not holding my breath.  If it happens, it happens.  I'll wait to hold my breath next month. :)

Monday, February 20, 2012


It feels like forever since we started the journey toward trying for a child.  For most of the way, it was an abstract plan with several missing pieces and almost as many backward steps as forward.  Let it never be said that a gay couple does not want a child they are blessed with.  The amount of preparation and stress and planning and planning and planning... Well, I suppose it does no good to feel a little bitter toward hetro couples who can just try as they please.

On Friday we are doing what we are all calling a 'practice run'.  By 'we all' I mean myself, Jules, known donor and known donor's partner.  This practice run was going to be done in the small window in which I am fertile but sadly my body decided to have the shortest cycle in nearly two years so by Friday the chance the practice run could turn into a pregnancy is nearly impossible.  This practice run will serve the purpose of easing us into the whole awkward process of handing off the goods and hanging around whilst ensuring it gets where it needs to be.  Four gay people in a house performing what could potentially be a miracle.  It's pretty funny to think about once I get past all the nervous thoughts.

Next month will be full-fledged trying.

Holy fuck... We are actually at this stage.