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Saturday, March 31, 2012

DPO 10 - 12 have involved spotting and cramping.  The spotting is normal before AF but the cramping is not.  I think I'm just going to wait until Monday and see what happens.  It's hard though... You tell yourself to relax and wait but then you feel like breaking down and testing.

I should have enough things to distract me from testing tomorrow though... We get the keys to our new place tomorrow so we'll be moving car loads of stuff we kept here at my parents' place all day and then on Monday Jules will be directing the movers to retrieve our stuff from storage.  She's taken the week off from work to get everything moved in and sorted out.  I'll be staying out of her way Monday - Wednesday (because I dislike moving and she loves it) and then I'm taking Thursday - Sunday off to enjoy the new place.

Tonight we're taking my parents out to a fantastic Greek restaurant in the city as a token of thanks for letting us live here for minimal rent for four months.  I'm not entirely sure they've ever had Greek food but Jules and I love going there for special occasions (we were last there for Valentine's Day).  We like getting what's equivalent to a taster's menu for around $75/couple and sit and enjoy the atmosphere - sitting under tiny lights and greenery woven around trellis watching/taking part in the belly dancing, taking in ouzo shots (although not this time), plate breaking and great music.  Either my parents will love it or hate it. :) 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hm... DPO 9 and day two of unbelievably sore breasts, mild nausea and dizziness and being more tired than usual.  Either PMS has started a couple days early for me or I'm pregnant.  Negative on the First Response test but that doesn't necessarily mean anything.  I'll wait until the weekend and test again...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

One week until we move into our new place. We both cannot wait for April 1st. There are so many reasons why:
  • Woken up early in the morning on a Saturday by loud hip-hop music from upstairs (sister)
  • Woken up by the dog banging the dog door about ten times in his attempt to get through it, also upstairs
  • The vegetable side dish always come in a can and the usual side dish is Rice-a-Roni (which is really good but SO fattening).  I consistently blow my budget each week buying Jules and I healthy food to eat.  Basically I've spent more money here than when we lived on our own.
  • The fridge and freezer are so small I cannot make batches of healthy food to store for later days.
  • My youngest sister is an immature spoiled brat who cannot talk at a normal level but must shout everything she says
  • My parents and youngest sister swear like sailors and fly off the handle at everything.  The sad thing is, is I grew up thinking it was normal to flip out at my family like we were having a normal conversation.
  • My dad uses derogatory terms for a lot of people and it is hard listening to it in the evenings
  • No control over the thermostat so we're hotter than we want to be most nights
  • Laundry is hard to do because people leave their clothes in the washer and dryer for days on end.  There have been several weekends where I ended up doing double the laundry just to get ours done.
  • Everything ends up covered in dog and cat hair.  I've gone through two sticky rollers in the past four months.  I guess it's different when its your own pet... I used to have two and not be bothered by it.  Then again, I used to wear light colours and now I wear a lot of black and grey and brown...
  • Noise, noise and more noise... Whether it be from multiple televisions, music playing, people talking/shouting, the phone ringing A LOT... ugh... 

For the past three weeks, Jules and I have been spending time at the library on weekends reading, drinking coffee at the little cafe and just escaping for a few hours.  Once I finish the two loads of laundry I have started (I saw the washer and dryer empty and I HAD to act!) we will head over there and chill.

In other news, it's one more week until I can test for pregnancy. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hi, it's the middle of March... take down your Christmas decorations!

I was out walking my parents' dog this evening and I decided to detour down a block I usually walk right by. It was like the block time forgot or something. FOUR houses on this block were still decked out in Christmas decorations. I'm not just talking about lighting (some people keep 'em up on the roof all year around and I don't blame them although the icicle lighting doesn't exactly look great in July) I'm talking about full size santas and reindeer and metal Christmas trees and candy canes on the lawn. It's the 13th of March for crying out loud! We don't have a ton of snow this year! It's not like this stuff is buried under three feet of snow or something! It's like one of the neighbours looked out the window and said, 'Well, if Bob isn't taking down his stuff, I guess I don't have to either.'


In other news... Official Try #1 (because we're not counting the practice run as a real try) is happening later this week (Thursday - Sunday) and we're counting down the days until we move in to our new rental condo (April 1st). Looking forward to our own space again!!

Here's a bad pic of the 'back' of the new rental condo (I took this picture from the parking lot of another apartment complex).  It's kind of confusing... each building has four units and there are two in the front that are above the garages and then two in the back that have basements (like ours).  So ours is on the left and is the lower portion (so the lower left six windows - bedroom, bathroom, second bedroom, kitchen, patio doors, living room).  In the front there is a one car garage.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Punished by the Pope?

I had no idea there was a blogger app... Trying it out now and hoping it doesn't make me log in again (it has twice now in five minutes)...

Recently the Pope spoke out on alternate means of conception and how if people can't get pregnant the usual way (between a husband and wife having sexual intercourse) then they shouldn't try alternate measures.

I joked to Jules last night as I was enduring day two of The Worst Period Of My Life that God was punishing me for trying to conceive a child in an alternative manner. Seriously though, almost two whole days of brutal cramps and nausea so bad I threw up my vitamins in the morning. Sometimes I hate being a woman...

Official try(s) #1 later next week. This cycle's peak days are on the most inconvenient days schedule-wise but we're hoping to do four consecutive days. Two of the days I'm going to have to leave work early in order to meet up with the donor (his schedule is busy too) in a small window of free time. The other two days are the weekend but I have first aid re-certification 9-5 (three years goes by so fast) so we'll be meeting up in the evenings. That reminds me, I need to budget more for gas now that we're needing to drive 45 min to and from these 'tries'. :/

Alright, I've had enough of one finger typing on the tiny iPhone keypad... Time for bed.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


After not getting sick for nearly two years, my immune system has been totally flattened twice so far this year.  At the end of January I came down with a virus that started with laryngitis, morphed to a head cold and then had a nasty intestinal finish that had me off work for a week.  It was brutal. Now I've come down with a cold and I'm absolutely miserable while I wait and see if I'm for sure not pregnant.  I'd kill for some cold medication right about now... sigh.

Watching Grey's Anatomy right now... getting annoyed with Altman and her getting Yang to repeat what happened to Henry in the OR over and over again.