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Saturday, May 31, 2008

What a difference a year makes

Yesterday marked one year since the last time I saw my ex girlfriend. With it being her birthday, I decided (or rather Jules urged me) to text message her 'Happy Birthday'. She replied with thanks and what she was doing last night to celebrate. I replied telling her it sounded like fun and to enjoy. The point of all of that? I don't know.

So, a year ago I was absolutely miserable. Today, I'm ten months into a relationship with someone else, five months into living together, and happier than I thought I'd ever be again. Funny how that works, eh? I think if I ever spoke to my ex again, I'd probably say 'thank you'.


This past week was absolute hell at work, hence my absence from the online world. This week was the first week of the new fiscal year so there were a lot of little loose ends to tie up, etc. I also did a one day stint in my previous position of supervisor in production. Although it was not an abnormal day, it wasn't the smoothest either. I worked 12 hours and could hardly move when I got home. I must say, when I originally left that position about three years ago, I missed it. I missed working on my feet and troubleshooting. Today though, I much rather work in my current position. I realize that I still troubleshoot and still put out fires. Every day is different and I although I no longer have a direct hand out in production, I have a much broader contribution on other levels. That and I can dress better and sit down at a desk.

In other news, my diet is still going fairly well. I've lost 13 lbs total now. I just came back from a two hour walk to the bank. I've started saving up little errands that I can walk to rather than drive. There is a TD Bank about six blocks from the apartment but I chose to walk to the one twenty-four blocks away instead. On the way back I detoured through the provincial museum grounds and around some of the mansions in the area. It still amuses me that I live two blocks away from one of the fanciest (and oldest) neighbourhoods in the city. You wouldn't really know it to look out the window...

The television and DVD player in the bedroom have both decided to die. The DVD player was a cheap one that Jules had bought just before we met and the television is one she's had for a few years. Needless to say they're both some brand I've never heard of and that's probably why they're dead. She'd decided we need replacements because she enjoys television in bed and the fact that we have different taste in television. She loves CNN and Nancy Grace specifically (she thinks her show is beyond ridiculous but tunes in to see just how ridiculous it'll get - I have to admit that it is pretty funny to watch sometimes, especially when she tries to get people to argue with her and/or her guests and of course when all they show is the same ten second clip of something random over and over again because that's all the footage they have). I, on the other hand, do not enjoy watching CNN. I rather watch a show where people are making something or cooking something or searching for something or someone. Or, I play a game on my Wii. I'm sad though because I was dumb and did not pre-order Wii Fit. :(

I can't believe that tomorrow is June. Less than a month until I visit Toronto and area! Woo! Must talk with Stacey and Angele about that weekend at some point... that would probably be a good idea!

My sister is so freakin' popular that she's having her birthday at a hall. I still can't get over that. She had musical friends who will be performing and I think she's even put the event on Facebook or something. I think my present to her will either be some money towards the hall rental or I may offer to help cook food or something. It should be a pretty interesting evening...

Tonight Jules is out at a co-worker's housewarming party. She did not want to go and told me she'd probably be back fairly early. It's now well past 10 pm and she is still out - I'm glad she decided to enjoy herself.

Today I'm grateful for:

* My grandparents
* My sister
* My friends
* My wonderful relationship with my girlfriend
* Time
* An evening to myself

Monday, May 26, 2008

Sir Elton John

I bought tickets to see Elton John in concert September 13th. They cost an arm and a leg but it was a damn good concert last time...

My co-worker was complaining because I got seats in the upper level (which was all I could get - the lower level sold out in 3.2987 seconds) but I said, "Is it really necessary to see Elton John close up?" Her reply, "Hm... good point."

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dieting (again)

Jules and I started on a diet...um... lifestyle change earlier this month. So far, we've each lost 5 lbs. It hasn't been tooooo hard to stick to it... it's just really hard when work has been bringing in donuts and timbits and pizza a lot lately for meetings. It's difficult to pass those things up sometimes, especially when they are just THERE and EASY. Tough resolve, tough resolve... want to fit into my shorts again...

See, last year, I dropped 20 lbs in the last few months of my relationship with my ex and the following couple of months afterward. When I met Jules though... well, I guess being happy and dating does not help out healthy eating habits, or the great exercise routine I had been in for months! I gained most of that weight back again. At the point I met Jules, I was walking five miles+ per day and eating very well. I would like to get close to that point again. I've started walking again a few days per week (I had to stop last week until I bought new shoes because my old ones were shot from all the abuse from last year on the trails).

We've been eating a lot of salads lately. I basically buy the bagged salad (they're usually on sale at Safeway - lots of varieties) and add in cucumber, peppers, and extra carrots and celery. I'll either buy a roasted chicken or prepare seasoned chicken breasts on the grill and then cut them up for the salad. Sometimes I'll use another type of meat or fish.

My new favourite lunch meal is soup. Campbell's Chunky Chicken Noodle to be exact. Safeway sells the little cans with the easy to open lid (NOT the microwavable ones, a regular can - much less sodium and much more flavour!) so I just heat one of those up and I don't find myself hungry before dinner. Occasionally though, I'll have a Weight Watchers frozen meal instead. They're kind of pricey at the grocery stores but only $2.47 at Wal-mart. Yay for Wal-mart!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Stupid Adults

I don't normally link to news stories, but this one just bothers me.

Elmo Lighters Ignite Disgust In Canadian City

I'm glad that woman went and did something about it. I can't believe Shoppers Drug Mart would carry such an item. It's true... a child would see something like that on a coffee table and start playing with it!!

Thank goodness Sesame Workshop's legal department is investigating.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Love Tip #372

After work today, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some whole wheat rolls for the veggie dogs we were having for dinner. Blockbuster Video is right next to the Safeway in my neighbourhood so I decided to go in and rent National Treasure 2. Jules and I had watched the first one a few weeks back and enjoyed it a lot. We had gone to Blockbuster only to find out that it hadn't been released yet. Anyway, I decided to rent it and surprise Jules with it this evening. Why would this be a meaningful surprise, you ask? Well, Jules told me once that one of her most favourite surprises is a movie brought home. Simple enough, eh?

I got home shortly before she did (her commute from work is about one minute as she works right across the freakin' street from our apartment) and cued up the movie to just before the title of the movie is shown in the first scene. I turned off the television and went into the kitchen to heat up the grill (loooooooooooove the George Foreman grill...).

Jules walks in and after greeting me says, "Hey, guess what movie is out this week!"

I say, "Which one?"

"National Treasure 2! It came out yesterday!"

"Oh, really? That's cool..."

"Yeah, I bet there's probably no copies left to rent right now though. That sucks."


I had finished grilling the veggie dogs by this time and we took our plates into the living room. She says, "What do you want to watch? Bad television? A movie?"

I say, "I don't know... I guess we'll just see what's on." I turn on the television and press play.... HUGE look of surprise and then a smile a mile wide.

Boy, did I do good. ;)


Finally, after almost a year, I have moved back to my old office. Yay!!! I even got a new desk and filing cabinet. It's all shiny and new - I'm afraid to scratch anything. I've been picking up my calculator and stapler instead of sliding them to where I need them in case they scratch the desk. I just need to wait for the first mark and then I'm sure I'll be able to stop that...

Of course moving my files and binders and stuff downstairs to my new desk caused my shoulder/neck/back to go into spasm again. I went for physical therapy again and it settled down after that. Yesterday my shoulder was burning but today it's pretty good. I really need to listen to the advice I was given - Don't lift anything right now even if I feel like I can!!!

The Victoria Day long weekend was awesome. Jules and I went to Ikea and bought two bookshelves and a nice television stand. She put them together while I slept in on Sunday. On Saturday night, we went out with our two gay boys downstairs and their friend from England, also a gay boy. Since the largest gay club shut down in January, and the only lesbian bar sucks, the gay population here has only one club left to go to - the boy's bar. I had been there last year while still dating my ex... I remember liking it even though it was 90% men. This time around, it was about even. Despite my sore shoulder, I ended up dancing a bit with Jules who is a fantastic club dancer. We ended up dancing in a cage together! If only my high school friends could see me now...

The rest of the weekend was spent lounging about watching seasons 3 & 4 of The L Word. We finished all of season 3 and have a couple more episodes of season 4 to watch. I still cannot believe how unbelievably annoying the Jenny character is. The series would be stellar if it weren't for that awful character. I love Alice and Helena the most.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Oh my goodness, it's so nice to be able to sit upright and use the computer... or anything at all. Last Friday morning, I went to turn in bed and the right side of my back started spasming. I couldn't lay down, I couldn't sit down, I couldn't stand... I had to lean against pillows and blankets in order to have the least amount of pain. Needless to say, I couldn't work (or even dress myself). I felt a tiny bit better on Saturday and even better on Sunday but then I carried laundry up the stairs and threw my back into spasms once again so that I couldn't sleep at all Sunday night or Monday night. I went to the doctor on Tuesday and received prescriptions for a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory and then yesterday I went for physical therapy. I'm still in agony, but it's much more manageable today.

Anyway, that's why I haven't been around lately. :/

It's gorgeous and hot outside. I wish I had air conditioning though!!! Having all the windows open doesn't seem to help much.

Speaking of hot weather... it'll be nice to visit the Toronto area in just over a month. :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mother's Day Photo Shoot

Some pics from the Mother's Day photo shoot that my sisters and I did...

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Citizen

My girl is Canadian now! YAY!!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Ugh... make it stop

This week sucked big time.

The funeral on Thursday was really well done. Lots of good memories and speeches were made. By the evening though, I was family'ed out.

Work was, of course, crazy this week because I was only there part-time. I'm not looking forward to going tomorrow morning. At least I have Tuesday off...

I have organized a surprise celebratory dinner for Jules on Tuesday in honour of her becoming a Canadian citizen. My family really got into the idea this weekend and went out for Canadian stuff to decorate the kitchen with, etc. My grandparents are buying a cake for her and my grandmother insisted on cooking a roast because that's what she knows Jules likes. Gosh... my family loves her. :) Heck, my mom and dad are taking time off work to go to her citizenship ceremony on Tuesday afternoon!

I took my car in to get it repaired again... one of the brand new belts is causing horrible squealing. That and my check engine light is on. Well, $266 later, my belt started squealing again within hours and my check engine light came back on the next day. FUCK!!! Now I have to take it in AGAIN.

Today I'm grateful for:

* Strong foundations
* Surprisingly good movies
* Family
* Dummies books