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Sunday, August 31, 2008


I tried taking some decent pics of the car this afternoon but the light was so damn bright it was hard not to get a lot of glare (surprising considering the car is covered in dust and dirt from all the construction in the city). Here are two shots of the car:

Julie modeling:

I have to say, it looks much more awesome in person.

Cars, music and food

So, of course the second I buy a car with air conditioning in it, the hot weather disappears and rain and cool overcast weather replaces it. Still, I have still found the odd moment where I've needed the air conditioning and it's been blissful. No more open windows and hair whipping around my head while I perspire my way home each day.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to take any pictures of the car yet - I appear to have misplaced my camera. The darn thing is always around when I don't have anything to take a picture of but the moment I actually want to use it - gone. I actually blame Julie for this... she likes to re-arrange all the drawers constantly so I'm forever asking her where something is. She'll deny this upon reading but it's true...

Last night, we went for the car's first highway trip (the car hadn't been over 80 km/h yet) and tried out the iPod hook-up and sound system. I think Julie was in heaven once the likes of Madonna, Kylie, and The Pussycat Dolls pounded out of the speakers. In her younger years, Julie was quite the clubber... dancing the nights away in London and then in Fredericton when she came over to Canada. To this day, when she hears a good beat she starts dancing around - it's cute as hell. Definitely a departure from all of my other girlfriends in the past - none of them liked to dance at all.

In other news, I've managed to lose 7 lbs some how. I stepped on the scale this morning and did a double take. Not sure how that happened but I'll take it! Usually when you don't weigh yourself for a while, when you finally do step on it's an increase. At least that's what usually happens to me anyway.

Julie has started selling dvds and books that she doesn't want anymore on amazon.ca. She's sold about six dvds so far but no books. I went through my dvds and gave her a bunch to put on there to sell as well - might as well try to get rid of some of the ones I know I'm never going to watch again. The profit isn't much after shipping them but it's better than nothing I suppose.

Today we're off to find our friend Ryan a zombie-themed birthday present. He's a huge zombie fan and there is a store mid-town that has some zombie-type things. I think Julie's also going to go spend the $25 La Senza gift card I gave her earlier this week. She's been muttering for weeks about how she needs to be fitted for a new bra so hopefully we'll get that done today as well. After that I think Julie's going to make another batch of her lentil soup. I've asked her to blog her recipe for it as well.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Car Smell

I have a new car!!!!!!

I drove home my 2009 Toyota Corolla Sport this evening. It's gorgeous... I told Julie I'm in love with it almost as much as I am with her. I've wanted this car since I was in high school... finally I have it.

Pictures to follow when it's not pitch dark outside. :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The House Bunny & 21

We went and saw The House Bunny the other day. It was sort of like Sydney White meets Legally Blonde, I think. It had a rough start, writing-wise... some of the lines are cringe-worthy but then it picks up and was quite enjoyable. We went to see it as a pick-me-up, so it did it's job in the end.

We also rented 21 which was a movie we had wanted to see for quite a while now. Julie enjoyed it a lot but I was disappointed. The movie was fine and all but I get annoyed by those kinds of stories where people win or have lots of money and then do stupid things with it. I guess that's because I have none and would love to do smart things with the money they have.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


We've finished watching the first season of Heroes and look forward to watching the short second season. My co-worker lent me a disc with the second season on avi files to watch but I don't have anything on my computer that will play avi files and my dvd player won't play them either.

We've been doing pretty well with eating better lately. Julie makes this fantastic lentil soup that we've been eating a LOT of. I guess I just haven't gotten sick of eating it yet... we've been eating it nearly every evening.

It's been sooooooo hot here this month. The majority of the days have been above 30 Celsius, except of course the one day last Thursday when I went to the Edmonton/Saskatchewan football game and froze my ass off because it had somehow dropped to about 10 C with windchill for one freakin' day. It was okay though - free tickets from a co-worker and we won the game over the Grey Cup champions. I took my little sister to the game and spent some time with her... she's recovering from meth again and looks great. She's filled out a bit and looks really healthy. I haven't seen her like this in about three years. I hope she's able to keep off the meth!!

Yesterday I went into work and helped out in another department. I came home after 8 hours and collapsed on the couch and didn't wake up for four hours. I think I'm still exhausted. Today might include a bit of grocery shopping and some movie watching... I don't think I'm up for anything else.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I haven't really felt like doing anything this week. I've been really depressed but unsure of what was actually causing it. Julie's been wonderful, trying to cheer me up with various things (food, movies, love, etc.) but I just can't shake it.

On Tuesday, our anniversary, Julie made me a candlelight dinner with wine and everything. She made me a mixed cd with pretty much everything that marks a moment in time during the past year as well as a card. I, in turn, bought a shower corner rack from Home Depot. I'm practical that way... I think Julie thought I was kidding when I showed it to her.

On Wednesday I got my hair cut. I ended up having to get about 3 inches taken off because it was so dry from all the sun I got last month (this month I've barely been outside at all because it's almost always 30+ Celsius) so now my hair is shorter than I like it. I guess that serves me right for waiting so long to get a trim.

I went to the bank yesterday to apply for a consolidation loan. When I applied for financing at the Toyota dealership, they didn't do it properly (meaning they didn't ask for what I really wanted), so although I'm approved for the car, I wasn't able to get my current loan wrapped into it - only 2/3 of it. So... I went to the bank to get them to do it. I'll probably get a better rate this way (if they approve it) and the best part will be that the Toyota finance guys won't get it which serves them right for half-assing it. (Yeah, I'm sure this will really break them... ha ha...)

Not sure what's on the agenda for the weekend aside from vegging... it's 30 degrees outside again so staying inside will probably beat out going out and doing something.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good Book Recommendation

I just finished Hide by Lisa Gardner and loved it. I couldn't put it down once I got into it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Year!

Jenn and I have known each other a year and we choose the day we met face to face as our 'official' lessiversary.

EXACTLY this time last year, I trundled off for a coffee with a friend and then, at 2.30pm, at a Second Cup, along came Jenn with my friend now gone. Jenn's hair was slightly wet due to the fact that one hour hence, she had had no idea I had wished to meet her, so she literally had jumped straight from the shower to the car when she had read my email titled, "Feeling Spontaneous?".

She walked up to my table where I was reading the Globe and Mail. I said something about Julie Andrews, and then Jenn demanded to know where her Russian mail order bride was . . . and I think at this point, we knew this was not going to be a disappointing date.

I want to post this at 2.30 for Jennifer. Ordinarily I would have had this declared a national holiday and ensured a moment of silence at this time, however laws take a lot longer than a year to pass.

J e n n
I love you, angel mine.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend Update

This week Julie and I are house sitting for my parents as they take their first vacation in years. I'll be driving my mom's car to work and Julie will drive mine into the city for work (she'll get to experience my daily commute although hers will be a little longer due to the time and flow of traffic). It'll be nice to stay in an air conditioned house while it's so damn hot here - it's been in the 30's all week.

This morning we found out that Margaret Cho had a date in Edmonton on her stand-up tour but when I went to get tickets saw that it's been postponed due to scheduling conflicts. Damn... I really hope they actually re-schedule it and not cancel it. Driving down to Calgary on a Sunday evening for a show won't happen (Julie said no, that it would be silly). I really really want to see her live... I love her material.

I see the Olympics have started. Big deal. I used to watch them on CBC but the games this year don't interest me. It doesn't seem like a true Olympics this year... seems more like a production or a farce. Maybe they've always been like that and it's just this year that the media is reporting on all the insane things that happen or are forced upon the locals. In either case, I'm not interested. I'll play Wii Fit instead.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Aches & Pains

Oww.... my legs are aching a bit from my Wii Fit adventures...

We are entering a heat wave for the next six days... all over 30 C. Yuck! So glad we have the little air conditioner in the apartment now but wishing, as always, that I had air conditioning in the car. Sigh...

We need a new mattress and pillows on our bed. I just toss and turn all night and wake up with stiff shoulders and neck. Not sure when that will happen... maybe Christmas.

I still can't believe that guy on the Greyhound bus who just decided to start stabbing the guy next to him then cutting his head and various other parts off while eating some. Jesus Christ...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Olympic Hopeful Rejected by Nintendo Abuse of Calorific Food Substances Scandal

We meet our heroine, our nearly nude heroine, as she embarks on yet another round of 'Wii Fit'. Our heroine, not to be named and shamed by the Wii Fit, decided to call Heroine's GF to the board. Upon which the demon did pronounce (I speak of the board as a demon and not our heroine), "You have porked out British woman....5lbs...1 lb more and I will confirm you are overweight...but worry not, you are 36 and so is your Wii Fit age".

Humiliated (as I think may have been the idea - my fitness contribution to the beast was to unpack it while eating cheesecake)...I trundled out here (saddened and apparently heavier) to my bar stool and table while the nearly nude flexes and bends on the board.

In my defense, when Jenn went away I was 119 lbs. Somehow I picked up 11lbs after that - 5 in the last week. So really, what one gains, one can lose. I am resolved to go running but this has not happened since...gosh...let me see....this has not happened since I was 7, so it is not likely to start in the morning. Although, right now, in my head, I am getting up at 5.30 a.m. to do precisely that.

On Friday, proud of our heroine for getting oh-so-fit and everything (I think her Wii Fit age is like 15) - I went to a store and perused the sports section for an ideal Wii-Fit-Out-Fit . . . NOT that I oppose to her current birthday suit - just that the neighbours might....I spent - and I do not fib reader - 90 minutes...NINETY MINUTES....with a T-Shirt and two pairs of pants...I could not decide which would fit her....so I went around measuring them against sizes of clothes I KNEW she had...although, really no comparison could be made unless she was there. I had arranged for her to meet me at the shopping complex and after I had decided this WAS the size she was...I proudly bought the gear and left the store. Whereby, I ran into her...presenting my wares to her as a gift of love....she pronounced....at the exact same time that I realised...."Is this so we BOTH can wear the same pair at the same time baby...?". Indeed, my time had been in vain....the trousers were so large...so, so, SO large that the gift was more of an insult than not...the exact phrase was, "Is this how big you think I am???". I smiled sheepish and we laughed (me a long time before she did mind). I laughed quite a bit and eventually we were both scaring the people around us.

Bless her cotton socks, she wore them all night...the crotch down to the knees, having a good point and giggle at various moments. Rather reminding me of when Janine bought me maternity pants one Christmas and we realised that "Special Moments" must have referred to the maternity section. I went a step ahead there though....Janine was a runner and had stopped running for a while...lamenting, "I am so big these days"...I piped up MEANING to be helpful but mixing my words badly..."You know, you are a lot bigger than you think you are, babe". As she stood crestfallen saying "Whhhh - what??" I kept repeating it until she realised I meant...well, you know what I meant. "You aren't as big as you think are"...

Anyway, Jenn is now marching in front of the tele but not on the Wii Fit board. Should I tell her she is not on the board....mmm, maybe not. Never come between a woman and her weight in any way shape or form. And JESUSUSUSUSUS never ask her to get on the We Fat , sorry Wii Fit, to make yaself feel better....QED, it is me now crestfallen and I'm about to grab another glass of red wine. The diet and the Fitting can wait a day.

Our heroine is now doing yoga...I think Lemon cake might go ever so nice with this red wine. No matter how big I am today, at least I get to watch a gorgeous woman bending and shaping this evening ;)