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Monday, July 28, 2008

Expensive Things

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Toyota dealership near my work to look around and apply for financing. Of course the car I want is really popular so they have none available - If I get approved for financing I'll have to wait 4-8 weeks for it. Julie and my dad can't figure out why I'm not excited about the possibility of a new car. I am, it's just not the exciting part yet... finance limbo and waiting for a car to be built and shipped from Toyotaland is not exciting to me. Picking up a brand new car would be the exciting part.

In other news... groceries cost way too much money. Holy cow. I bought half a cart full of stuff and it came out to $70. I didn't even buy any meat this time either. Sigh... it's the fresh vegetables and frozen fruit that hike the bill up. Oh well, could be worse... we could live in Zimbabwe where inflation is now at something like 12.5 million percent right now. You can't even buy a loaf of bread for a billion dollars or something. Here's an article on it:


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wii Are What Wii Are

I have taken to putting every living moment on my facebook page, so therefore, feel free to add me as your friend (... just look through Jenn's page). Heaven knows it takes a technology degree for me to upload pictures upon this site.

Enjoyed immensely the Yes Man trailer...six degrees of separation...I now know Jim Carey. Thank you Riley - xo :). Speaking of celebrities, Jennifer is now the proud owner of a Wii Fit. I have rather enjoyed her playing the Wiinter (get it..wiiin....n'em mind...) games....when Jenn was ski-ing down the mountain in just her lower-portions underwear, I truly was the happiest woman in the world, reader.

Ms J is looking at buying a new car. But first we must get through her monthly nightmare that is, 'the cramps'. I have always had girlfriends who are rendered unconscious each month by the monstrous affliction. I suffer, it is true, but never as much as I have seen the suffering. Because she is afflicted, I am watching Hairspray for the umpteenth time...the baby LOVES The Hairspray. Me not so much (I rather liked the movie where they blew up Baltimore actually...what was that - oh yes, Sum of All Fears..hee). Still it makes her very giddy and happy so hopefully cramps will subside and there will be a car in the lot by the end of the day.

In other news...I am having a tooth replaced for a MERE $3500...and am wondering why teeth are considered aesthetics when without teeth ones mouth would cave in. It would look bad, yes but I think there would be other health consequences....

Well, off out to a party this evening representing herself and myself - cramps do rather encroach onto one's social diary...so tonight I am partying for two. I would rather be in with Jenn but she has a point that we keep doing that lesbian-shut-in thing so one of us has to make an effort occasionally. Sigh. I'm so hard done by ;).

Friday, July 25, 2008


Oh sweet, sweet girlf' o' mine...when one stares half the night at another woman, would one be so kind to provide the link....

Divine Bovine

After waiting weeks and procuring it through ill gotten ways, the Wii Fit, finally arrived. It sits in pieces around the living room as Jenn has insomnia. It was unpacked while we were eating cheesecake.

Yesterday I decided that enough was enough...I left university four years ago and still my student line of credit was open. This concerned the bank lady greatly as it was rather unheard of. So I shall be paying that off forthwith I imagine. Post-separating with my wife, I also did a thing of much wrongness and got a loan from people one should think twice about (Citi...). At the lovely interest rate of 31.99% (the lovely bank lady refered to them as the Mafia for much of the meeting)...it was rather dubious as to whether the mere $5000 would ever be paid...so lovely bank lady sorted me out there too. As we were waiting for lovely bank lady, Jenn coined a new phrase...after revealing the % she gasped the phrase, "Holy cow" about twenty times. Then there was a pause and under her breath she let out the classic...."Divine Bovine". I am now patenting this (much as I have acquired Riley as my "movie star friend that I know" story).

Jenn has insomnia. I have the opposite of. I may be stealing her sleep. The ridiculos thing is that we both still need to sleep the moment we 'get up'. I blame the cheesecakes. Jenn blames my thrashing around at night and my constant stream of night-time chatter while in slumber.

Too tired to scribe now....


This not being able to sleep more than a couple hours at a time is really starting to drain me. Even when I do sleep, I'm constantly tossing and turning. :(

I've been up since 1:30 am... it's now 4:36 am. There's only so much a person can do in the quiet of the night. I suppose I could have set up the Wii Fit game but my goal isn't to wake up, it's to go back to sleep. I've done a few Sudoku puzzles, registered the Wii Fit game online, read the balance board manual, the game manual, etc. I've caught up on the online news, stared at a really hot picture of Gillian Anderson at the premiere of the new X-Files movie... I'm about out of ideas now. Speaking of cute girls... Danica Patrick is in town for the Indy race they're having about twenty blocks from the apartment. I'm still debating whether or not to go... I really enjoyed the Vancouver Indy (and not just because I sat across from Ashley Judd the entire afternoon)...

Tonight I'm going with my sister to Capital Ex, which is the annual exposition here in town. I think we may do some rides and some games and of course mini donuts. I don't know how it's physically possible to walk by all the mini donut stands and not buy at least one bag. Impossible I tell ya!

On Saturday, Julie and I may go to the Toyota dealership near my work and look at new cars. My car needs a tune-up badly right now, not to mention new tires and a thermostat by winter. It's 15 years old... still a reliable car but goddamn it, I want air conditioning!!!

Okay, off to try for one hour of sleep...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I know what I'm doing this weekend...


Our Wii Fit has arrived! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yay, weekend

Let's see... Thursday, we had the apartment photographed by the landlord people because I think they needed better looking pictures to put in the rental magazines and online. They told Jules that we had the nicest looking apartment in the building (although the gay boys downstairs also had their apartment photographed - but they have a two bedroom so I think they needed one of each). How funny that they like the gay apartments the best. Then again, the boys downstairs have a beautifully decorated apartment as well... the boys and us girls are Ikea fans and we're (okay, the boys and Julie) are really really neat and tidy.

Yesterday, I had two of my co-workers over (the two I'm out to) to see the apartment for the first time. They seemed to really like it as well. :) We played Trivial Pursuit: Greatest Hits (80's, 90's and Pop Culture) which is a pretty fun game but it takes FOREVER to finish (which we never do because who have 16 hours to play one game?).

Needless to say, I woke up with a hangover from the bottle of wine Julie and I shared.

Today, Julie is at work waiting for the carpet cleaner to finish. I'm going to play some Sudoku or maybe go back to bed for a while. Later on I need to go pick up my golf clubs in my parents' garage because I'll need them tomorrow for the round of golf I'm playing with work people. When do I need to get to the golf course, you ask? 7 freakin' am!!! What the hell?!?! I'm going to die...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Sudoku Madness

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am now a Sudoku addict.

I first became interested in it while in Ontario. My cousin is obsessed with it and can sit down and two minutes later have a puzzle completed. I was thinking, 'Well, if she can do it... I can do it.' - I had tried once or twice in the past but could never finish one. I forgot about trying again until I saw a puzzle in the newspaper this past Monday. One of the guys I was on break with does them, so I asked him for a couple logic tips past the obvious. Ten minutes later I had completed my first puzzle. On Tuesday, I completed the puzzle in the newspaper and then printed off some from online to do on my second break. That evening I brought a dollar store book home. On Wednesday, I think I did about ten of them. Yesterday we went to Chapters and Julie treated me to 'Extreme Sudoku for Dummies' (ONLY because it was the only book with logic strategy... the Mensa guide was sold out :P ), a three pack of mini sudoku pads so I can keep one at work and in my purse (as it says, you'll never be bored in a meeting again... ha ha... yeah, like I can not pay attention to a meeting long enough to play), and level one of the Mensa insane sudoku (never say never...). Julie may regret buying me all that... she may never receive attention again...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lapsed Catholic

Just read the headline, "Pope criticizes pop culture". His actual words were, "Our world has grown weary of greed, exploitation and division, of the tedium of false idols and piecemeal responses, and the pain of false promises,"

See my post below.....who KNEW that the Pope was there on my first date with Jenn?? Who knew that he too thought that the Golden Girls poster in the restaurant was infact the Dixie Chicks? False promises indeed. Amen.



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Love in the First Degree (Novel in the second)

I have been with your former moderator for almost one year. One year since we met up on the spur of the moment and supped coffee while I lamented on the sadness of Julie Andrews losing her voice. In my defence, I was reading an article on this subject when Jennifer approached. I believe the first thing I said to her face to face is, "Julie Andrews has lost her voice...there may never be the sound of music ever again". Most women would have looked at me and said something to the effect of, "Sorry...I'm looking for my husband, he's . . .". But not Jennifer. We wandered awhile to a park. We had dinner at a place postered with pop-culture and I mistook the over sized Dixie Chicks picture for a rather fetching picture of the Golden Girls. "You mean that's not Blanche? Blimey". And still, she stayed.

Something I have never told her....

We were getting on extremely well. It was easy and she was astute, cute and knew exactly when to say the right thing, the funny thing, the sensitive thing . . . and so I said I had to leave because, "I have to do some things this evening..I should go". Truth be, I had nothing to do whatsoever. I just needed to control what might be happening.

It was my first date in well....I have never dated. I've only ever stumbled into relationships with people I have known as close friends for a very long time. The concept of going out to meet a person with the sole purpose of finding a love/sex relationship with them is completely foreign to me.

That evening I rang my wife who was (and is) in a relationship with my former girlfriend in NB and I got their advice, their thoughts, their general support (note they were my best friends first and remained so after all our switch-a-roo nonsense). That night I wrote to my parents and told them I had had this date . . . truth be, much like Jenn, I wasn't sure. It was scary. Yet I was excited and flattered and relieved and curious....when later that week Jenn casually rang to ask me to go to see an art exhibit, I did not hesitate...on the advice of everyone...'just do it' seemed to be the order of the day. And so I did. It was the best date I have ever had and that was the evening that hooked me. I was in. I had the passport and visa ready...I was going back to Lesbainia and this time I might just be staying....

Something about Jennifer draws me in over and over. On paper and sometimes in everyday life we aren't something an e-harmony ad' would come up with....but it flows and comes back to its centre every time. I know she has been hurt so deeply that she thought she would never be here again. So everyday I do my best to make sure she knows her heart is now in a safe place. I'll do lots of things to have her know that (the latest being that damn Wii Fit she wants so badly...I think I'll be arrested once it arrives...it seems very shady this deal I've done to procure one!)...aside from material things (my weakness when it comes to her), I also want her to know HOME the moment she walks through our door. Needless to say we have a beautiful home ;).

Sometimes at a loss, you can not express the love enough so you channel it in the ways above. But those are not the things that truly count. It is the look that does it. It is the silence. Because the silence is before everything. With Jenn it is her watching me, acknowledging what she has, what I have and what we have...a fleeting look in a crowded room that feels as though it is going on forever. That moment stays long after the cushions are straightened or a gift has been given that I know she would adore...for those things I know she could do without. The look says that I could have nothing material to give and still, she would look at me that way. That is the most brilliant and beautiful thing a lover can give.

So here we are almost at a year. I am sleeping on the sofa tonight as she has had the worst insomnia and I am fairly sure that me getting up 50 times a night does not help...me being out here has nothing (ahem...) to do with Nancy Grace going almost off her rocker this week (the woman is stark raving MAD I tell you..HOW, HOW does she have a TV show...it belies belief but it is the best comedy on television...it's a parody of..well, itself, in so many ways)....I am excited as I never get to watch it...and this is why Jenn and I work so well...we can do this without it being any issue whatsoever. She gets to sleep and I get me Nancy. Win-win ;).

Okay...nothing else to declare. Except the bloody Wii Fit....is anyone else a little SICK of this marketing hell yet?? Stores STILL do not have Wiis for goodness sakes...people still want them...so call me a little behind but does it not stand to reason that Wii Fits would be available for those who actually HAVE the Wii??? Stores get 20 at a time...does that even seem right? And they are gone within the hour!? Clearly it is driving up the black market . . . yes Nintendo benefit from the people who bought 20 at one time but now these people are now selling them for double the Nintendo price...I dunno...it's working yes, but I think people will get sick of the Wii and Wii Fit being in such short supply....right now it's clever....people are STILL clamouring...I mean I love me Jenn, so off I went for a Wii on her birthday...and over one year on I actually had to line up for a Wii and was the last person to get one that day! I thought people behind me were going to need medical attention they were so upset...not angry (as they should be - at Nintendo) but literally, people were looking as if their soul had been trampled upon. And no one in that line wanted it for themselves...that was the thing! I might research this marketing ploy a bit more and get back to you on this.

Okay - Nancy DisGrace is on, settling in for the night - bugger off everyone - let the entertainment begin!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dead battery

Stupid Dell laptop... the battery suddenly died on Sunday night. I've had the computer for just over two years now. I looked online and read that Dell batteries go dead all the time, sometimes after less than a year from purchase. A brand new battery from Dell is at least $140 before tax and shipping and the reviews on them are terrible. I decided to buy one from another company for $90 total... that includes tax and insured next day shipping. I figure, what the hell, if it's going to die every two years, I might as well go with a cheaper one!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Soooooooooo nice to be home again. I'm not sure why the hell I'm still so tired though. I had to leave work at 1 pm today because I felt so tired and dizzy. I've had plenty of sleep in the past week so I'm not sure why I would feel that way. I hope it's just a bit of time/altitude/jet lag or something. I've also been experiencing episodes of depression this week - it's awful. The stupidest thing makes me sad or makes me cry. WTF?

Today Julie and I went looking at a condo that is for rent come August. It was very nice looking but was in the basement. What a waste of time that was... the fact that it's in the basement should have been mentioned in the ad.

When we returned home, we decided that we're fine in our apartment here.

Tonight we're going to watch Zodiac and drink some fantastic wine I picked up at a winery in Ontario.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"Celebrate good times...come on"


from a proud, 2008 graduate of Canadian School!

For, I am a baby-Canadian.


No more 'pip pip pip' for this ex-Brit, thank you very much.

Enjoy your day of festivity and marvel, my auspicious people of the New World.