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Monday, March 18, 2013

2 Months

Another month has flown by and now our little peanut is two months old!  

Some changes this month:

  • Increased neck strength!  She's amazing with her head control.
  • She follows us all around the room with her eyes.  The distance at which she can see has greatly improved.

  • She starts moving her arms and legs to music and movement.  She LOVES her Baby Einstein play gym (for 15 minutes at a time...that's usually her limit) because it has blinking lights and music.  She also loves when we dance in front of her and her giraffe mobile.

  • She has started to warm up to the baby swing.  Jules has gotten her to sleep in it for a couple hours at a time in the past week.
  • We figured out how to calm/soothe her when she gets super cranky and overtired.  Well, I have anyway... 
  • She has a case of mommyitis.  Nobody can calm her like I can.  She'll scream the house down for Jules and poor Jules will try everything she can think of to calm her down but there have been several times where she's had to bring her to me or wait until I've gotten home from an evening errand to have her soothed. :(  This really makes me sad and I totally understand Jules' frustration.  This morning she was at her wit's end as she was trying to let me get a few hours of sleep but Emily wouldn't stop crying.  I end up coming downstairs and as soon as I picked her up, she started calming down.  I brought her upstairs and she fell asleep in my arms within five minutes.  Although I'm so grateful that at least one of us can calm her, I feel so guilty. :(

  • She's begun experiencing constipation which I contribute to her being half formula fed.  Poor girl.  We've started adding a bit more water to her formula bottle and last night we resorted to using a baby suppository to help her go (it worked within 10 minutes!)
  • She's had baby acne for the last three weeks.  It seems like every day it is somewhere else on her face/neck/head.  It takes days for spots to go away but I found if I put breast milk on them they disappear overnight.  Jules wanted to try breast milk on one of her spots and sure enough it disappeared overnight.
This afternoon Emily had her 2 month vaccination appointment.  Two shots in one leg and one shot in the other.  I was a wreck beforehand because it kills me when we have to put saline drops in her nose and she screams murder so I knew this was going to be rough.  She did scream for about five minutes straight but I was finally able to calm her down and get her sleeping.  She was awake shortly after we got home though and was crying a lot over the course of the afternoon so I broke out the children's Tylenol and gave her a dose.  She went to sleep shortly there after and has been dozing on and off ever since.


Hopefully tonight isn't going to be too rough though I can't really imagine our nights getting much worse than they are.  As it is Emily only sleeps 1-2.5 hours at a time at night.  Her average is 1.5 hours at a time.  She doesn't like sleeping on her back unless she's laying between us in bed.  When she's in bed with us, I can't sleep for more than 15 minutes at a time because I'm worried one of us will roll into her or accidentally pull a blanket over her head or move a pillow over her face.  I can manage a more sound sleep if she's actually cradled in the crook of my arm but that position is only semi comfortable for so long before I have to move her.  She'll sleep over an hour at a time in her vibrating chair which I place at the side of the bed so I can quickly reach her when she starts crying.  I'm hoping we'll be able to get her sleeping in her crib by 4 months old.  In the meantime we're seriously considering getting a king sized bed.

Last but not least, her are her measurements from today:

Weight - 11 lbs, 6.25 oz (65th percentile)
Height - 22.5 in (60th percentile)
Head - 38.7 cm (50th percentile)


Stacey Bourgeois said...

So sorry about the sleep. That's tough and she should really go for longer periods of time. I used to sleep with Jackson in my arms and just switch arms when one arm got uncomfortable. I did that for a very, very long time. Even now, he'll sometimes like to be on my arm to fall asleep.

The preferance for one mom is so normal but so hard. I get how you feel and Angele got frustrated too because she couldn't comfort Jackson. I think it's more the case when one is breastfeeding because we were both able to comfort Riley (formula/bottle fed) but not Jackson. Tell her that it gets easier but you will probably be the "sucky" mom for a long time. Now that Jacksons turning 4, he says that he likes mommy (Angele) more and I can leave. LOL. Kids are so sweet.

Stacey Bourgeois said...

P.S. She's super adorable.

Shannon said...

Tell Jules not to worry about her favouring you right now. It's hard and crappy, but it really is just a phase and she will go through many phases like this where she will prefer one of you over the other. I do remember it being frustrating for me with Ian because he really favoured Kim when he was a baby, but as they get older, they get past that, or at least they take turns liking one more than the other! :) It is hard, though, really hard, when you can't comfort your child. I remember having to call Kim home from a dinner out with friends once because Erik would not settle down for me.

The sleep does sound rough. Sleep deprivation is the WORST. Hopefully it's just a phase that she'll get through soon. Does she sleep a lot during the day (have her days and nights mixed up) or is that just how she sleeps right now day and night? She's still really young, but maybe start doing a bedtime routine with her as they get to know the "cues" for sleep time (bathtime, soft music, low lights etc. means sleep is coming soon. They get to know after a while that when these things happen, sleep is expected next.) We have two good sleepers and we always had a very consistent, predictable bedtime routine. Still, Ian took until about 9 months old to sleep through the night, and Erik was a horrible napper as a baby (although that improved once he was a bit older.)

She's adorable!